They grew a stache and raised some cash: Moustache Mania supports local prostate cancer care

December 08, 2015

In the philanthropic community, the month of November is commonly associated with terms like the ‘Handlebar’, the ‘Fu Manchu’ and the ‘Walrus’.  It’s a time for men to craft the best moustache and a time for many of the spouses of these men to countdown the days to November 30th – the day the prized staches get shaved off.
No matter how you feel about the month of the moustache, many supporters help to raise significant dollars for prostate cancer care initiatives.
At Niagara Health System, OneFoundation’s Moustache Mania fundraiser encourages support of local care at Niagara’s Prostate Diagnostic Assessment Program.  The program, which operates Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays in the Walker Family Cancer Centre, is the first of its kind in Niagara and is designed to improve the quality and coordination of care, decrease wait times for diagnosis and optimize the patient experience for men with suspected prostate cancer. In its first year, 694 patients visited the clinic and 227 were diagnosed with prostate cancer.
The program’s lead urologist, Dr. Ian Brown, participated in the mo-growing challenge to help bring attention to this cause.
"Moustache Mania was a tremendous success in helping to raise funds and awareness for prostate cancer care right here in Niagara," says Dr. Brown. "I would like to thank everyone who got involved in the fundraiser which supports the important work that we are doing at our local prostate clinic."
This year 16 participants comprised of NHS staff, physicians and volunteers, community members and local businesses, helped to raise over $20,000. The group also included women who contributed in their own creative ways – some by fashioning stick-on moustaches, others by wearing special moustache pins.
Thank you to everyone who supported this initiative by participating or donating. Stay tuned for the 3rd annual Moustache Mania in November 2016.

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