Sandra Schmirler Foundation donates $62,500 to OneFoundation

February 13, 2017

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The 2017 Scotties Tournament of Hearts brings more than elite curling to Niagara. It also brings with it a generous donation of $62,500 from the Sandra Schmirler Foundation to OneFoundation for Niagara Health System.
These funds will be used to purchase Niagara Health’s first Giraffe Omnibed Carestation, for the Special Care Nursery at the St Catharines Hospital Site.
“Niagara Health’s Special Care Nursery supports a very busy Birthing Unit. Roughly 3000 babies are born each year at Niagara Health’s St. Catharines Site,” explains Laura Farrelly, Program Director of Women, Babies and Children’s Health and Site Director at St. Catharines Site at Niagara Health. “The addition of a Giraffe Omnibed Carestation to our Special Care Nursery will greatly enhance the care that we provide to our babies.”
At Niagara Health, 18 per cent of babies born need admission to the Special Care Nursery for a higher level of care. Babies are normally admitted into a radiant warmer and then transferred into an incubator once they are stable. Now, thanks to this gift from the Sandra Schmirler Foundation, Niagara Health’s tiniest and sickest patients will be cared for in a Giraffe Omnibed Carestation, which acts as both a radiant warmer and incubator to create a seamless microenvironment that provides optimal care.
“The Sandra Schmirler Foundation has impacted the lives of so many Canadians, and OneFoundation is so grateful to the Foundation for supporting the babies of Niagara through this generous gift,” says Roger D. Ali, President and CEO of OneFoundation.
Each year, the Sandra Schmirler Foundation supports neonatal programs across Canada through a national Telethon in honour of the world champion curler, Sandra Schmirler, who died at age 36. This year’s Telethon airs on TSN Sunday February 19th, during the annual Scotties Tournament of Hearts. The money raised goes towards donations to neonatal causes across Canada.
“The Sandra Schmirler Foundation has donated millions of dollars to 45 hospitals”, said Chris Atchison, Chair of the Sandra Schmirler Foundation Board. “With this donation in St. Catharines, the Foundation will have funded just under $1 million for life-saving equipment in 16 hospitals across Ontario.”
OneFoundation and Niagara Health thank the Sandra Schmirler Foundation for helping build a Healthier Niagara. This donation will help provide extraordinary care to babies across the region for years to come.

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