Rankin Cancer Run contributes remarkable $800,000 to Cancer Care at Niagara Health

December 11, 2018

On May 26, 2018, more than 14,000 people participated in the 13th Annual Rankin Cancer Run, raising an extraordinary $1.15 million for cancer care in Niagara. Today, Niagara Health Foundation was presented with a remarkable $800,000 of those funds, which will be used to support cancer care at Niagara Health.
The Rankin Run is an important fundraiser for local cancer support organizations across Niagara, including the Walker Family Cancer Centre and other services provided by Niagara Health. In its 13 years, the event has raised more than $8.7 million, all of which has stayed in Niagara. This year’s donation brings the event’s total contributions to Niagara Health to an astounding $5,659,000.
Niagara Health Foundation President & CEO Roger Ali and Niagara Health President Dr. Suzanne Johnston, who are both proud participants of the event, were honoured to accept the donation. This year’s funds will be distributed amongst the Walker Family Cancer Centre, Spiritual Care and Palliative Care at Niagara Health.
“Funds raised at the Rankin Cancer Run are integral to the work being done here at Niagara Health,” explains Roger Ali. “Over the years, critical patient care equipment like Vital Signs Monitors, Ultrasounds, Beds, Treatment Chairs and upgrades to vital technology have been funded through the Rankin Cancer Run. The impact of the event on local healthcare through the years has been truly awe-inspiring.”
“We are extremely grateful for the funds we have received over the years as a result of this remarkable event,” says Niagara Health President Dr. Suzanne Johnston. “We applaud everyone involved for the Rankin Cancer Run’s extraordinary success and the difference it is making in the lives of our patients.”
The Niagara Health Extraordinaires team were alongside countless teams and individual participants fundraising in support of the cause. The 90 person team, led by team captains Avia Whitehorne of Niagara Health and Courtney McLoughlin of Niagara Health Foundation, was honoured to receive the Tom Rankin “Spirit of Business” Top Fundraising Corporate team award at this year’s Rankin Cancer Run, in recognition of the more $10,000 they raised.
Niagara Health Foundation and Niagara Health would like to thank the Rankin Cancer Run organizing committee, volunteers, sponsors, participants and everyone who contributed to the incredible success of this year’s event. 

Photo (L-R): Dr. Suzanne Johnston (Niagara Health President), Avia Whitehorne (Niagara Health), Dr. Janice Giesbrecht (Medical Director of Walker Family Cancer Centre) Louise Rivett (Rankin Cancer Run Volunteer Committee Member), Roger Ali (Niagara Health Foundation President & CEO) and Courtney McLoughlin (Niagara Health Foundation).

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