"Mo-Bros" Walker Rollo and Ryan Keyes Raise Moustache Mania Dollars

November 25, 2016

Walker Rollo & Ryan Keyes are local 6th grade students from St. Catharines. During the month of November, they draw on a different moustache for school each day to raise funds and awareness for prostate cancer!
The boys have been wearing hand-drawn moustaches together for three years; Walker started the trend a year earlier on his own. Ryan said he was inspired to join Rollo after hearing he was raising money for cancer research. Both boys want to help raise funds to help ensure that people don't die from cancer anymore. 
This year Walker and Ryan have decided to contribute the funds they raise to Moustache Mania in suppport of Niagara's Prostate Diagnostic Assessment Program. To date, the “Mo-Bro’s” have raised over $1300 for this local initiative!
Walker and Ryan visited OneFoundation for NHS on Friday, November 18th to present their first $1000 dollars raised! Check out their fundraising pages:
Walker’s Fundraising page:
Ryan’s fundraising page:
Mo-Bro Team fundraising page:
“We are lucky to have so many community supporters involved in this year’s Moustache Mania initiative” said Colleen McGuire, Community Giving Officer at OneFoundation for Niagara Health System. “Companies, sport organizations and local youth have all pledged to raise money in support of the Prostate Diagnostic Assessment Program at the Walker Family Cancer Centre. It is heartwarming to see the rise in participants this year who are dedicated to raising funds and awareness for prostate cancer here in Niagara.

All funds raised through Moustache Mania support the Prostate Diagnostic Assessment Program at the Walker Family Cancer Centre. This clinic is the first of its kind in Niagara, and is designed to improve quality of care and reduce wait times for men with suspected prostate cancer.

"The Prostate Diagnostic Assessment Program is an expedited program for men with suspected prostate cancer" said Dr. Ian Brown, lead urologist for the Prostate Diagnostic Assessment Program at Niagara Health. "We can have these men in and seen in less than 2 weeks, find out what is going on very quickly, and then get them expert care."
If you are interested in supporting our participants such as Team Mo-Bro’s, or donating directly to Moustache Mania, please visit

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