Karl Kahane Foundation Funds Patient Beds

July 15, 2019

Niagara Health Foundation will put $30,985 in grant dollars awarded by the Karl Kahane Foundation towards purchasing five new Spirit beds for Niagara Health’s Port Colborne Complex Care Unit.

The Karl Kahane Foundation, a separate and independent body to the Jungbunzlauer Group, approved Niagara Health Foundation’s proposal to replace outdated and obsolete patient beds at Port Colborne’s 46-bed Complex Care Unit.

“The equipment will vastly improve the quality of health care delivery, enhanced patient safety and dignity, and the welfare of close to 500 patients who are treated annually on-site, whether as a result of chronic illness, disabilities, or following hospital treatment,” explains Roger Ali, President & CEO of Niagara Health Foundation.

The Spirit Bed offers many safety features making it ideal for those receiving rehabilitative, activation/restoration, medically complex or palliative care. The new beds will provide patients with comfort, poise, and safe care to with “complex” challenges – some of them living out their final days.

The Karl Kahane Foundation was established in 1991 by the late Karl Kahane as an independent, privately funded, non-political and non-religious charitable foundation, and is based in Switzerland.

Today, the Karl Kahane Foundation works with various organizations across several fields including healthcare, social welfare, applied development research and training, education, women’s rights and living conditions in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and Canada. Since 1991 they have funded over 200 projects which are brought forward by employees at Jungbunzlauer, as 5% of all their dividends paid are given as a contribution to the Karl Kahane Foundation.

Karl Kahane (1920-1993), who served as the President of the foundation until his death, was an Austrian entrepreneur. Kahane said of himself: "I categorize neither my friends nor employees, neither my sympathies nor antipathies according to religion or race". He considered it his duty to be on the side of the weak and to dedicate part of the proceeds from the family companies to not-for-profit organizations.

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