Fire & Ice Gala in Support of Medical Imaging Huge Success

March 02, 2017

On Saturday, February 25th, OneFoundation for Niagara Health System’s Annual Gala dazzled supporters of Niagara Health at the alluring Fire and Ice themed event, held at Sheraton on the Falls.
Over 360 guests, from across the region, joined OneFoundation for an enchanting evening overlooking the frozen wonder and beauty of Niagara Falls, in support of Medical Imaging, a service that each and every resident of Niagara will likely use more than once in their lifetime.
Medical Imaging equipment plays a key role in maintaining and improving patient health. Each year, approximately 362,000 exams, from ultrasounds to X-rays and CT Scans, are performed at the sites of Niagara Health. These exams provide physicians with information about internal structures that they otherwise could not see. 
“In order to continue providing the highest quality of care for Niagara Health’s patients, it is absolutely essential that Medical Imaging equipment is kept up-to-date,” explains Dr. Julian Dobranowski, Chief of Medical Imaging at Niagara Health. “Attendees of OneFoundation’s Gala have helped raise funds for the purchase of Ultrasounds and X-Ray units, and upgrades to existing equipment at the sites of Niagara Health, ensuring that patients across Niagara region are able to receive the care they need, when they need it.”
“The Niagara community has the power to impact the well-being of virtually every Niagara resident through their support of Niagara Health,” explained OneFoundation’s new President and CEO, Roger D. Ali, who was empowered by philanthropic spirit that filled the evening. “Our donors are truly helping build a Healthier Niagara.”
OneFoundation would like to thank everyone who attended the Gala, the numerous sponsors, and those who donated in support of Medical Imaging, for helping support a Healthier Niagara. This support will help provide extraordinary care to the residents of Niagara.

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