Emterra donates $1 for every 1 tonne recycled

August 02, 2017

Ever wonder if it really matters if you recycle that soft drink can or empty cereal box? Well here’s proof everything you recycle in Niagara adds up and it makes a difference to health care in our Region.  

For six consecutive years Emterra Environmental has financially supported cancer care treatment in the Region of Niagara based on how much Niagara residents recycle. Under its made-in-Niagara, award-winning ‘Make Your Contribution at the CurbTM(MYCATC) program, for every tonne recycled, Emterra Environmental donates $1 to the Walker Family Cancer Centre (WFCC) to purchase medical equipment for cancer treatment.

On Monday, Emterra’s VP of Corporate Strategy and Business Development, Paulina Leung, presented a cheque for $37,800, to OneFoundation for Niagara Health System. The amount represents the 37,800 tonnes of recyclables collected from residents in 2016. This brings the total Niagara residents have recycled since 2011 to nearly 241,000 tonnes, meaning that from 2011 to 2016, Emterra’s donations to the WFCC have totaled nearly a quarter of a million dollars.  

Niagara residents see Emterra Environmental staff around the Region through the week as they collect blue and grey box recyclables, bulky waste, batteries, yard waste, and organics under contract to the Region of Niagara.

“We are proud to be a part of the Niagara community and to support to the Walker Family Cancer Centre,” says Ms. Leung. “It is our mission to strengthen the communities where we provide waste resources management services by making tangible contributions to their health and well-being. Our ‘Make Your Contribution at the CurbTM’ challenge is a fun way to remind people that recycling contributes to environmental health but also has a direct impact on how much we give to cancer care each year. Remember, the more you recycle, the more we give.”
Niagara Regional Chair Alan Caslin joined Emterra at the cheque presentation. He added: “On behalf of Regional Council, I’m pleased to acknowledge the work Emterra does by giving back to the Niagara community. Emterra’s ongoing contributions to the Walker Family Cancer Centre support cancer treatment for Niagara residents and is part of what being a committed community partner is all about.”
Among the people on hand at the WFCC to accept Emterra’s gift were OneFoundation President and CEO, Roger D. Ali, as well as Brenda Luscombe, Director of Patient Care at the Walker Family Cancer Centre, who spoke to how this contribution positively affects patient care at the centre.
“We're so grateful for the support of corporate leaders like Emterra whose commitment to local cancer care helps ensures that our patients receive the best possible care close to home,” says Mr. Ali. “By making their contribution at the curb, Niagara residents are supporting the thousands of patients treated at the Walker Family Cancer Centre every year.”
The Region of Niagara also supports MYCATC by providing advertising space in local newspapers through the region.

About Emterra Group
Emterra Group comprises four divisions offering municipal and industrial, commercial and institutional (ICI) customers with a fully integrated approach to collecting, processing and marketing waste, recyclables, organic waste, used tires and more. Driven by its mandate to increase the sustainability of its operations, Emterra is one of Canada’s most progressive users of alternative green fleet technologies in the waste management industry and consistently deploys the latest green technologies to truly “walk the talk”, including using CNG vehicles, building a network of CNG fuelling stations and operating optical sorting equipment in its recycling plants.

MYCATC Niagara is one several Emterra ‘Community CareTM’ programs in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario that support initiatives in communities where Emterra provides waste resources management aimed at enhancing services that improve environmental and social health and well-being. For more information about Emterra’s Community CareTM, go to:

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