Douglas Memorial Hospital Auxiliary Funds Cutting-Edge Ultrasound

July 20, 2018

The Douglas Memorial Hospital Auxilians have once again come to the aid of Niagara Health’s Douglas Memorial Site in Fort Erie – this time with a commitment of $140,000 to fund cutting-edge ultrasound equipment to serve its patients. 
In June, the Auxiliary presented Niagara Health Foundation with a cheque to fund the priority patient care equipment. The Auxiliary’s ambitious fundraising goal was achieved through the hard work of 63 active members, 20 of those being ‘life members,’ which means they have over 15 years of service.  Since 1993 this dynamic group has contributed nearly $2 million for priority equipment at Douglas Memorial, fundraising through a variety of means including Gift Shop, Tree of Lights, raffles and bingo.
“As volunteer organizations, each auxiliary member is giving their time and talent in an effort to support extraordinary health care right here in Niagara,” says Roger Ali, President and CEO of Niagara Health Foundation. “The ultrasound funded by the Douglas Memorial Hospital Auxiliary will help ensure that our physicians can gather timely and accurate information about their patients.”
The painless, non-invasive, accurate and cost-effective qualities of ultrasound technology make it a crucial diagnostic tool in any Medical Imaging arsenal.  With about 4,000 scheduled and emergency ultrasound tests performed at the Douglas Memorial Site each year, it is vitally important to keep the equipment up to date.
“To understand the difference between current and dated Ultrasound Equipment, you just need to think in terms of your own home computer contrasted with the one you owned 10 years ago,” explains Tom Roy, Manager, Diagnostics, Douglas Memorial and GNG Sites.  “The new ultrasound machine is faster, more powerful, and produces better visuals that are especially important for small body parts.”
Most people are aware that Ultrasound is used to check on the health of babies during pregnancy.  Some of its many other applications include:  investigation of breast lesions; detection of testicular cancer; diagnosis of a range of conditions or abnormalities in body parts such as the abdomen, pelvis, blood vessels, kidneys, liver, gall bladder and muscles.  Because Ultrasound does not require the injection of contrast dyes and uses no ionizing radiation, the tests performed are completely safe as well as effective. 
Niagara Health Foundation thanks the Douglas Memorial Auxilians for helping ensure that the Fort Erie site is well-equipped.  Their selfless dedication and compassion goes a long way in providing medical equipment not funded by the government – while modelling the true spirit of philanthropy in our community.

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