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August 04, 2015

The Kanwar Family matches donations up to $125K for Endoscopy Equipment
OneFoundation for Niagara Health System is thrilled to announce its first-ever matching gift opportunity.  Neena Kanwar and Family of KMH Cardiology & Diagnostic Centres have generously offered to match donations made to OneFoundation to improve our Niagara community.
Between now and the end of the year, all gifts supporting Endoscopy at the Niagara Health System will be doubled by the Kanwars up to $125K.
Neena Kanwar, President and CEO at KMH, says community involvement has always been a core value of KMH.  “With this initiative, we hope to ignite a philanthropic energy within the Niagara community that will have a positive impact on local healthcare,” says Kanwar.
OneFoundation Board Chair, Mike Watt is grateful to the Kanwar Family for their generosity.  “I know the community will get on board to take advantage of this special offer,” says Watt. “The campaign to enhance and replace endoscopic equipment at Niagara Health System sites is a top priority for us.  Our goal, together with community-minded supporters like The Kanwars, is to raise funds for these life-saving tools so that thousands of patients across Niagara can continue receiving the best possible care.”
Endoscopy is a nonsurgical procedure used to examine the digestive or respiratory tract using an endoscope – a flexible tube that includes a light and camera.  Each year, over 15,000 patients rely on first-rate endoscopy services at the Niagara Health System to screen, diagnose and treat a variety of ailments from chronic indigestion to cancer.  These services are critical in keeping Niagara healthy.
Donate online today to make twice the impact for patients across Niagara.
Click here for more information about the current Endoscopy Campaign. 

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