Congratulations to the recipients of the First Annual Scholarship and Award Presentations hosted by OneFoundation for Niagara Health System

June 26, 2014

The First Annual Scholarship and Award Presentations held as OneFoundation for Niagara Health System took place on Thursday, June 26th at the Welland Site.  Recipients of all scholarships carried over from past foundations were recognized together, starting a new tradition that echoes the NHS focus on advancing academic objectives and support of learners. 

Niagara Health System has been the source of many good news stories in recent years.  With a new North Niagara hospital just opened and a South Niagara Hospital on the way, infrastructure to support a world-class hospital will be in place.  However, bricks and mortar are just a starting point.   Quality of care is ultimately determined by front-line caregivers … those who use their skills, talents, and energy to provide care and caring.   

OneFoundation is grateful to the donors who have made these scholarships available to promote excellence in the up-and-coming generation of health professionals.  Their generosity allows us to rewards the achievements of these five honourees recognized for their exceptional dedication in pursuit of a healthcare career path.   Through, hard work and character, all of them have distinguished themselves as stand-outs.  We applaud you and wish you continued success.

Dr. Laszlo Kuharik Memorial Scholarship:  Laurent St. Martin
Laurent is in his first year at Queen’s University in the MD Program after completing his MSc at the University of Toronto and Hons. BSc at Brock University.

NHS Welland Hospital Site Tuition Scholarship:  Mary-Lynn Van Lankveld
Mary-Lynn will be attending the University of Western Ontario and plans to become an Oncologist with hopes of finding a cure for cancer.

Dr. Ken Hope Memorial Book Award:  Claudia Boisclair
Claudia will be attending Brock University’s Bachelor of Science Program in the fall with the goal of becoming a medical physician in the area of gynecology and obstetrics.

The Helen (Martindale) Ferguson Education Award :  Vera Girard
Vera is Emergency Department and Intensive Care Unit educator at the Greater Niagara General Site.  She has received this award to support her Independent Study Course at Brock University, Master of Education Program. 

Port Colborne Hospital Site Scholarship:  Jenna Vrbanac
Jenna is entering her first year of studies at the University of Ottawa Bachelor of Nursing program.  She aspires to travel all over the world to help people in need.

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