Brothers Jaxson and Nico raise $300 at Lemonade Stand!

July 28, 2017

Jaxson De Prophetis (5) and his little brother Nico (2) raised $300 for our Children's Health Unit through their Lemonade Stands!

These two little guys hand squeezed all the lemons and quenched the thirst of dozens of people on two separate days. On the first day over a dozen people stopped along their routes to get lemonade from the stand they set up at the end of their driveway. The two brothers raised $50.00, but wanted to raise more!

With the help of Mom and Dad on social media, the word about a second lemonade stand spread quickly! On the evening of Monday, July 24, Jaxson and Nico began setting up their stand again when it started to rain. Very worried, Jaxson said to his Mom “no one is going to come Momma” BUT mom and dad came to the rescue and the lemonade stand was set up in the garage instead.

Their street was lined with cars in no time with family, friends and neighbours who all stopped by to support Jaxson and Nico’s fundraiser. An amazing $250 was raised at their second lemonade stand.

Their fundraiser had one goal: help kids in the hospital with belly aches get better!

Thank you Jaxson and Nico for making a difference at Niagara Health!

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