2015 OneFoundation for NHS Scholarship & Awards Event ... another stellar year for aspiring caregivers

July 03, 2015

Two exceptional students were the stars of the show at OneFoundation's Scholarship & Awards Event held June 25th.

Notre Dame graduate Sean Thompson (front left) was awarded the Dr. Ken Hope Memorial Book Award which will help him with the cost of books and resources as he works towards a career in Nursing at McMaster University.  Sean says he is motivated by, ‘the idea of providing a level of patient care that I would want other nurses to provide for my parents and grandparents’. 

The Welland Hospital Site Tuition Scholarship was presented to Brianna Dean (front right) whose academic performance at E. L. Crossley earned her a spot in McMaster’s Health Science Honours program with a long-range view to becoming a doctor.  Brianna’s goals are a natural fit with her ‘love for science and love of helping people’. 

Both award recipients were applauded for their above-and-beyond extracurricular contributions to their schools - all while keeping their academic achievements in the stratosphere. 

OneFoundation Vice Chair Joe Maggiolo commended Brianna and Sean for their focus, dedication and passion and thanked the Scholarship donors who make these awards available.  ‘These donors not only lend a hand with their financial support – but also, give these aspiring caregivers a vote of confidence which means a lot to someone embarking on their career path.’
Pictured back row:  OneFoundation Interim Director Operations Kristina Manzi;  OneFoundation Board Director Roly Giguere; OneFoundation Vice Chair Joe Maggiolo; and OneFoundation Interim Director of Development Peter McKinley.

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