Choir Nation - Harmonies for Health

“Harmonies For Health” is Choir Nation’s newest offering: a chance to sing in the beautiful acoustics of a hospital atrium or conservatory in order to raise money for the hospital - and raise the spirits of the patients!


What does it involve?

• Identify 15-30 people in your office who want to sing in a choir


• Choose three songs your choir wants to sing


• Choir Nation will provide a Musical Director to rehearse for the 4 weeks leading to the concert. The rehearsals are 90 minutes each and take place at your office.


• For the concert, your choir and two other company choirs will sing a total of nine songs for the patients and visitors to the hospital. We are also happy to accommodate companies that wish to form more than one choir per concert.


The price for each participating company is $3,000, with $1,000 of that total going to OneFoundation as a charitable donation.

“Harmonies For Health” events will begin this holiday season with rehearsals beginning in November and performances taking place in December. Our partner hospitals have expressed interest in holding these events throughout the year based on availability of the conservatory and atrium space.

Registration is NOW OPEN! For more information on how to book your Harmonies For Health event contact Todd Green: 

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