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Digital Mammography Comes to Welland

January 01, 2014

When a Digital Mammography Unit was identified as a priority need for the Welland Site, hospital supporters made it happen.  A Campaign to raise $600,000 to purchase and install the new equipment was launched in fall of 2012 -- by February 2014, the first patient was imaged using the advanced technology.

Replacing film mammography with digital mammography has several benefits.  Because there's no waiting for film to be developed, digital images are available immediately.  A technologist can evaluate the quality of the images as they're taken, meaning patients spend less time in the exam room and rarely need to return for repeat images due to under or over exposures.  In addition, the faster speed of the machine means patients spend less time in uncomfortable positions.  From a practical standpoint, digital images are more easily stored, retrieved, and transferred amongst physicians.

Most importantly, higher quality images result in earlier, more accurate diagnoses which translate to better care and better outcomes.  For the 6,500 women annually who make use of the new Mammography Unit, this is reassuring news!

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