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Stroke Care

Niagara District Stroke Centre is a regional service located at Greater Niagara General Site in Niagara Falls.  The Centre provides care for any patient within Niagara who suffers a stroke or a mini-stroke (also known as transient ischemic attack – TIA).  The care team has developed several initiatives for both acute stroke and TIA.  Both conditions involve loss of blood flow to the brain making timely assessment, diagnosis and treatment of the essence. 

The Niagara District Stroke Centre is an NH success story as it leads the province’s 25 Stroke hospitals in ‘door to needle time’ for administering the clot-busting tPA – a drug that drastically improves outcomes.  This has been achieved by assembling and training a top-notch team of ER doctors and nurses working closely with Base Hospital which responds to 911 calls.  Protocols now in place ensure that a dedicated stroke team is gathered and ready when an ambulance arrives with a patient exhibiting stroke-like symptoms.

If a patient has suffered an acute stroke, the Regional Acute Stroke Unit at GNG, opened in May 2010, will be their resting place for up to 10 days.  For the first time in Niagara, this 10-bed unit ‘clusters’ acute stroke patients so that a designated healthcare team can better co-ordinate care and begin therapies and rehabilitation as soon as possible.

Niagara Health Foundation is committed to supporting important programs like the Stroke Centre by funding essential equipment.