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Mental Health & Addictions Program

The Mental Health & Addictions Program at the new St. Catharines Site introduces an exciting era for mental health services in Niagara in terms of program growth and building design.  The facilities include features such as a gym, outdoor gardens, and patient common areas that create a comfortable, non-institutional environment.   The majority of patient rooms are single accommodation which goes a long way to improve patient privacy, safety and care outcomes.

The expansion of existing programs offers opportunities for improved crisis, outpatient and outreach services in line with adult and child-adolescent patient needs along the care continuum.  The availability of specialized, longer-term care beds enables patients with serious and persistent forms of mental illness to receive care within their own community and remain connected to family and other key supports during the rehabilitation process. 

The Mental Health and Addictions Program focuses on a holistic, recovery model of care, designed to be respectful and sensitive to the physical, emotional, spiritual, cultural and social needs of each patient.  The program occupies 73 of 365 beds within the new hospital making it the largest clinical program at the new site.  This growth reflects heightened awareness of mental health care as an innovative, science-based specialty area and the need for quality services to effect positive patient outcomes.

Dr. Edgardo PĂ©rez, a world-renowned authority in the field of wellness, mental health and addictions joined the NHS team in 2012 as the lead of the program – another indicator of positive things to come. “I want to harness the strengths I have developed in the field of mental health, addictions and wellness with a team that is innovative and willing to grow.  Having met several times with the NHS Senior Management Team I am confident in their drive and feel that Niagara has the essential ingredients to build a world-class program.”

None of these improvements would be possible without the generous support of It's Our Time Campaign donors who recognize the need to invest in the mental health of our community.