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Cardiac Care

Cardiac Care at NHS has made great strides over the past several years evolving into a comprehensive regional cardiology program.  The recently-opened Heart Investigation Unit (HIU) located in the new St. Catharines Site was a turning point in advancing these services as well as attracting specialists.  “In addition to enhancing services and infrastructure, we have tripled the number of cardiologists on the team,” reports Dr. Sven Pallie, Regional Chief of Cardiology. “We are now well-positioned to respond to the growing and complex needs of our patients with a full range of cardiac services.”

The state-of-the-art Heart Investigation Unit (HIU) introduced much-needed diagnostic cardiac catheterization services – and has recently expanded to offer interventional care in the region for first time.  Previously, these procedures were performed at Hamilton General Hospital’s HIU. Other cardiac services include:  Heart Function Clinic; Cardiac Health and Rehabilitation Program; Cardiac Rapid Assessment Clinic; and a modern, new Coronary Care Unit.  These combine to provide Niagara’s heart patients with quality, safe, expert care closer to home.

“Patients can be reassured and confident that when they’re coming to St. Catharines to have an angiogram or other services, that they’re going to be getting the best services possible,” says Dr. Natarajan.  Generous and committed members of the Niagara community have also played an important role in realizing these vital services.   By helping to fund necessary equipment, their support has contributed to ensuring improved outcomes and optimized quality of life for patients needing cardiac care.