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Patient Care Pharmacy Equipment

Extraordinary patient care entails employing the best possible practices and tools throughout the patient journey – including the precise administration of medications. Although managed behind the scenes, the dispensing of medications to patients while in hospital is extremely important in their treatment and care. At Niagara Health, over 2.5 million medication doses were dispensed last year.
The main hub of Pharmacy operations for Niagara Health is located at the St. Catharines Site with subsidiary outlets in Welland and Niagara Falls.  Medications for patients at all Niagara Health sites are distributed from these three Pharmacies. The existing Pharmacy equipment at the St. Catharines Site is approaching end-of-life and the manufacturer will soon be discontinuing support for the current system. This upgrade in Pharmacy Technology, while necessary, will fill this need and provide the infrastructure to move to a Pharmacy of the future! Your support to acquire new Medication Carousels, a High Speed Oral Solid Packager and Automated Dispensing Cabinets for all patient care area will help benefit patient care across Niagara Health.

Surgical Care

Last year alone, Niagara Health performed over 7,600 in-patient and over 32,000 out-patient surgeries. Whether for emergency or elective surgeries - in or out-patient, having state-of-the-art equipment is always essential to quality surgical care.
The Surgical Suites at the Welland and Greater Niagara General Site both have urgent equipment needs, including Operating Room lights, Endoscopy equipment, Sentinal Node machines and a Digital Stack System. These pieces of equipment are vital tools needed by surgical care teams to provide extraordinary care to their patients.

Medical Imaging

Up-to-date Medical Imaging equipment is essential throughout our hospital sites, but nowhere more priceless than in our Emergency and Urgent Care Centres. When patients seek urgent or emergency care, it’s common for them to arrive worried, frightened – often in serious pain.  Getting to the root of the problem, accurately and quickly is vital. 
Niagara Health is in need of a new Ultrasound. By funding this urgently needed piece of technology, donors will help ensure that doctors and nurses are equipped with the necessary technology to provide their patients with the best possible care.

Urgent Patient Care Needs

With the medical field becoming more sophisticated every day, it’s easy to overlook the need for equipment as fundamental as hospital beds and lifts.  The truth is that being able to offer patients the most appropriate bed and mobility aids is  critically important to their safety, healing, and comfort.
With your help, Patient Beds and Lifts can be purchased to offer patients optimal care while maintaining their dignity.  You can help put Niagara Health patients in the bed that is most comfortable, safe and appropriate for their optimal care, now and well into the future.


Niagara Health’s Laboratory is a busy place with 80% of patients that come to Niagara Health for care requiring one or more types of Lab test.  Using a variety of specialized equipment, Laboratory Technologists perform complex procedures on tissue specimens, blood samples and other body fluids in order to provide vital information that allows physicians to diagnose, treat and monitor a patient's condition.
To support leading-edge Laboratory Services, Niagara Health’s Welland Site is in need of an Analyzer Hematology Slide Stainer. By helping to fund the purchase of this piece of equipment, you will be supporting the important investigative work that happens in our hospital Lab and help to ensure that patient treatment plans are based on the best information available.