Winnipeg’s Ed Melna helps home-town hospital with $100,000 gift to Medical Imaging in Welland

October 02, 2017

No matter where life takes us, the town we grew up in often holds a special place in our hearts.
Ed Melna, President of Sirius Benefit Plans in Winnipeg, has kept strong ties with his home-town of Welland. He and his wife Terri visit the city as often as they can, connecting with family and friends.
Ed attended school at Welland High where he was a well-liked student and a valuable asset on the football and basketball teams. In the years since, he has remained close to his old teammates.
Ed first broached the topic of supporting the Welland hospital in a conversation with his old friend and teammate Shawn Fitzgerald who is the Manager of Medical Imaging for Niagara Health’s Welland and Port Colborne Sites. 
After learning more about the needs in Medical Imaging and the resources needed to keep services up-to-date, Ed asked himself a question...
‘What could I do personally to help the hospital in a way that would have the biggest impact?’

To Ed the answer was simple.   He and his wife Terri were inspired to make a $100,000 donation in support of Medical Imaging at Niagara Health’s Welland Site to help ensure that their family and friends at home in Niagara receive the best possible care.

“Terri and I saw the perfect opportunity to support an important need for the hospital in my home-town of Welland. We know that our contribution will make a lasting impact for our loved ones and many others in the community for years to come,” says Ed.

The Melna’s gift has provided a major boost towards a $2.2 million need for Medical Imaging across Niagara Health Sites. The significant contribution has helped provide the funds necessary for a crucial upgrade from Computed to Digital X-ray technology at the Welland Site.

According to friend Shawn Fitzgerald, “Ed’s the kind of guy who doesn’t forget his friends and where he came from.  Ed and Terri’s donation has really helped to improve the X-ray department – with speed of tests, image quality, staff satisfaction, and most of all, patient experience.  They set out to make a difference – they definitely have.”

With a loyal Welland son leading by example, the donation has challenged others in the community to make their own contributions to the hospital.

“A gift in support of Niagara Health Foundation helps ensure that Niagara residents have access to the care they need, whenever they need it,” say Ed. “Terri and I hope that our gift will inspire others to make their own contribution.”

Will you help Ed and Terri and countless other donors build a healthier Niagara?

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Philanthropy is based on voluntary action for the common good.  It is a tradition of giving and sharing that is primary to the quality of life.

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