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Niagara Falls Site Upgrades Imaging with First-in-Canada CT Scanner

September 05, 2013

CT Scanners are an integral part of any modern hospital's imaging resources making the acquisition of The Siemens Edge 128-slice Scanner at the GNG Site a valuable asset to diagnostic capabilities.

In 2012, the GNGH Foundation launched a $2-million campaign to replace the 2005 model that was reaching the end of its service.  Thanks to determined community support, a new cutting-edge scanner – funded entirely through donor dollars – was installed in September of 2013.  The high-tech CT Scanner is the first of its kind to be used in Canada offering more power and a broader range of applications.

  • CT stands for “computed tomography.”  The machine uses a computer and X-rays to create two-dimensional cross-sectional images of the body.  The painless procedure is used to help diagnose and monitor disease and is considered an essential tool for emergency care.
  • Since the GNG Site functions as the Niagara District Stroke Centre serving the entire region, the CT scanner is indispensable testing equipment.  Every stroke or transient ischemic attack requires a timely CT scan for accurate assessment and optimal treatment. 
  • The GNGH CT scanner is a busy piece of equipment, performing roughly 14,000 scans a year – that translates into about 44 a day!  Technicians are also on call to do emergency head scans around the clock.

The Niagara Health System is equipped with three CT Scanners located in Welland, St. Catharines and Niagara Falls.   Because quick, accurate, dependable imaging equipment is fundamental to providing the best possible care, the NHS is committed to ongoing enhancement of diagnostic services. 

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